Suya spice is traditionally a powder rub usually marinated on beef, grilled, then served hot with fresh onions. Its humble origin is as a common street food. Known for its unique spicy, smoky flavor great suya leaves your mouth hissing & watering with each bite.

Suya is a nostalgic experience. Growing up everyone had their suya guy and that guy always has the best suya no matter what. Whether its on your way home from work, or a treat for the kids, a party, or simply just because its always a good time for Good suya.

Our Goal? Deliver The most perfect bite of juicy flavorful suya. 

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Your very own, suya guy!!

Using Nigerian influences he brings a new style to food with his trademark blend of suya. 

His story began at the tender age of 8 when he boiled his very first cup of rice. it was a spark that never faded, starting  a continuous journey of cooking and learning. The root of his flavors stem from Nigeria, but his time in Morocco, Eritrea, and here in NYC has expanded his palette and increased his knowledge of different flavors.

His goal? flavorize your food experience.